Tuesday, February 28, 2012

weekend workouts and extra credit.

I am not going to go much into the weekend workouts.

Saturday: 2000M = 2 crossings at lucky's lake swim. Then 75 minute run. I ran in the 140-155 range for HR, and finished 6.5 miles. exactly. - not bad for 75 minutes.

Sunday: supposed to be 50/2 brick. I was pretty tired from the (see above) and got started later in the day. It was raining, so I busted out the trainer and the Indian to Girdwood video. 1 hour 50 minutes later, I was done with that. I cut my workout a bit short, and headed out for 2 mile run. 2 miles in 25 minutes. easy pace. HR was high cause by that time, I was a bit dehydrated, hungry, and tired. I kept that in the 130-150 range.

Monday: rest day. I went out for a 2 mile run with the kids. Addison is quite fast, and we lost sight of him almost right away. Sammy rode her bike with him, and Jeremiah and I ran. we did 4 sets of fartleks - starting slow, building up to a pretty fast run. i would say starting at 11 and working up to a 9 min mile. last one i sprinted for about 200 yards. For the most part, HR started in zone 1, and i got to low zone 4 by the end of each. The last one i got into zone 5 for a few seconds, but i didn't go long enough to have it in there for a very long time.

At work they are signed up for virgin health miles. I have ordered my step counter, and yesterday i put in all my recent workouts from friday until now. I get 10 points for each manually entered workout, but if i purchase the $150 polar watch, I can upload the workouts i do. Entering them manually gets me 20 points. If I got the watch, i would get 200 points on most days. I can't tell what the points are good for, so i am going to hold off on the watch, but if I find that the points are good for something more than just "e-badges" then i am going to go ahead and get the watch. Might as well....

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