Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You must give in order to receive.

Like most mornings, I woke up today logged into my computer, then looked to see if any of my favorite bloggers have posted anything last night or this morning. After reading the couple that were out there, and wondering where everyone was, I noticed that I had not posted anything since last week. So, there might be someone out there waiting for me to post something! I need to contribute so that others will enjoy my rantings, remember that they have something to contribute as well - because what I have written reminds them of a funny story - and then write something.
Workouts this past few days have been phenomenal. Saturday was a pretty tough swim with sculling drills, 5x100s at race pace, and 25y sprints. Note here that most of my swim workouts do not include any kicking. The reason is because I am saving my legs for the bike and run. I only us them when I swim 100's or less, or sprint. This was a kicking EXTRAVAGANZA!ANZA, Anza, anza. So when I got out of the pool and rode the bike into the wind at a speedy pace, my legs burned - toaster style. at the end of the track, we did sprint loops. Now the toast was burning. Easy ride back to the YMCA to regroup and we were done - Except that I had ridden to practice, and had a 7 mile ride home. Ugh! Rough day.
Sunday was long run day. I figured even though I was a little tired, I would be ok since running is different. Another note: I am not so good at running. Well, 8 miles took a long time, and I did not break any land speed records, but I got it done without walking, and I felt pretty good about it. I also was motivated by the fact that several people went 10+ miles, and lots of people were faster than I am. One of the group even got their 8 miles done in less than an hour.
Monday was YMCA practice, and it was time to punish my tired legs again. Warm-up and plyometrics to start(walking lunges kick my a$$!), then a quick jog with some dips (i finally was able to do 30, without stopping!) then came the punishment. Spinning then sprint to 3x 1 flight of stairs, then finish AFAP around and back to the bikes, where we went harder. At 3/4 through the first set the 8 mile exhaustion from Sunday came back and the last 2/3 of the drill was painfull, but I need this. This is what I need to give to receive a better time, and to look better.
This morning my body is still throbbing, and muscles are stretched and torn and repairing. This is a good day to have off, since I see workouts (some which are really tough) over the next 6 days.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

good week so far!

Ok, so it is Thursday now and after my rest day on Tuesday to allow my body to move again, I picked it back up on Wednesday by going to the gym. 1+ mile running warm-up, free-weights for upper body. My arms were just getting to the point where I could make them straight again on my own. Time to punish them again. I spent the day yesterday stretching them back out to straight. I am close to good today with the whole 'haven't done curls since...1992?...' thing. Then after weights, I swam in the pool. (I almost wrote 'jumped in the pool' but that would have given you the idea that some chunky pale man in tri shorts was over in the corner of the pool jumping up and down. Gross!) Anyway, 2x 1000 with a 100 warm-up and cool-down. The pool was warm, which was weird. I zoned, but I found myself focusing on the catch, and that is a good focus. I experimented with my fingers being open and with them being closed. I envisioned grabbing a ball that was too big for me to palm, and using my hand and arm to push it down below my waist. I understand the reason now for the little 'S' in the stroke, and why it is not really an 'S' but it is because your body turns at the same time. Friday is pool day again, and Saturday I swim with the Y-Not-Tri team, so we can see whether I am wicked fast or not now. (Just so you know, I don't expect to all of a sudden be Michael Phelps, that dude is tall!)
Today was a bike day. Two of us showed, so we alternated the pull. This was cool. average speed was 19+, probably more for the ride itself since warm-up was counted in that. My legs are burnt again. It feels good - not like being burnt from running where I walk like a 100 year old man, but like someone is using my legs as junction for the power lines. Just a background humming that I imagine is causing abnormalities in your sperm. Good thing we broke them kids out of storage before I took up this sport.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Saturday - 35 mile group ride at the Y. 5 miles from the house makes it 45 miles total. It was a windy day, and the wind always seemed to be in our faces. I pulled two groups together, which was pretty tough. It meant a sustained 22-24 into the wind. I stayed up and did not go aero, since my goal was to pull people up to the next group, not blow them away. I was successful, but found that once I grouped them properly, I had no legs to pull the whole group when it was my turn, and that the people I had pulled where pretty fresh, so I ended up dropping back for a bit. All in all, I successfully burnt up my legs. I am ready to do it again next week!
Sunday - I hadn't been on a long run lately, so, long run - again at the Y. I have to say here that having a place that has regular workouts that is so close to home is awesome. I didn't realize how much time I spent driving to different locals. I will still drive to them, but it is nice to get the bulk of my long workouts done and be home by 10. 8 miles may have been pushing it for me. I had really only done 4 max since my race in September. So that is an increase of... wait for it... 100%. I should stay here for a couple weeks before I slowly ramp up again. That last mile was a doozy, and I really had to concentrate on my form. Head up, arms pumping, pelvis straight, light pitter-patter of feet.
Monday - ouch. hard to walk. my calves are way tender. 10 minute run, weight circuit, then 40 minute swim. 3 to a lane was a little crowded, but I managed. I must be getting better at swimming. Even being sore and having just done weight training, I felt pretty strong in the pool.
Monday evening - Y-Tri group. Plyometrics, 1.5 mile run, then spinning. I don't know if I should feel good or bad, but I guess I looked like I was having too easy a time, because I was asked to crank the tension two times. ouch. It is all good. I pushed as hard as I could. What doesn't make my calves explode out the back of my legs only makes me stronger, right?
Today is a rest day due to the fact that I don't want to get injured, and I need a rest day. Otherwise, I would go all "Fists of the North Star" and that would be bad.