Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You must give in order to receive.

Like most mornings, I woke up today logged into my computer, then looked to see if any of my favorite bloggers have posted anything last night or this morning. After reading the couple that were out there, and wondering where everyone was, I noticed that I had not posted anything since last week. So, there might be someone out there waiting for me to post something! I need to contribute so that others will enjoy my rantings, remember that they have something to contribute as well - because what I have written reminds them of a funny story - and then write something.
Workouts this past few days have been phenomenal. Saturday was a pretty tough swim with sculling drills, 5x100s at race pace, and 25y sprints. Note here that most of my swim workouts do not include any kicking. The reason is because I am saving my legs for the bike and run. I only us them when I swim 100's or less, or sprint. This was a kicking EXTRAVAGANZA!ANZA, Anza, anza. So when I got out of the pool and rode the bike into the wind at a speedy pace, my legs burned - toaster style. at the end of the track, we did sprint loops. Now the toast was burning. Easy ride back to the YMCA to regroup and we were done - Except that I had ridden to practice, and had a 7 mile ride home. Ugh! Rough day.
Sunday was long run day. I figured even though I was a little tired, I would be ok since running is different. Another note: I am not so good at running. Well, 8 miles took a long time, and I did not break any land speed records, but I got it done without walking, and I felt pretty good about it. I also was motivated by the fact that several people went 10+ miles, and lots of people were faster than I am. One of the group even got their 8 miles done in less than an hour.
Monday was YMCA practice, and it was time to punish my tired legs again. Warm-up and plyometrics to start(walking lunges kick my a$$!), then a quick jog with some dips (i finally was able to do 30, without stopping!) then came the punishment. Spinning then sprint to 3x 1 flight of stairs, then finish AFAP around and back to the bikes, where we went harder. At 3/4 through the first set the 8 mile exhaustion from Sunday came back and the last 2/3 of the drill was painfull, but I need this. This is what I need to give to receive a better time, and to look better.
This morning my body is still throbbing, and muscles are stretched and torn and repairing. This is a good day to have off, since I see workouts (some which are really tough) over the next 6 days.


Mike Russell said...

Those are some killer workouts. Keep posting them -- I think it is cool to copy other people and their great workouts.

Anonymous said...

good post................................................