Tuesday, February 28, 2012

weekend workouts and extra credit.

I am not going to go much into the weekend workouts.

Saturday: 2000M = 2 crossings at lucky's lake swim. Then 75 minute run. I ran in the 140-155 range for HR, and finished 6.5 miles. exactly. - not bad for 75 minutes.

Sunday: supposed to be 50/2 brick. I was pretty tired from the (see above) and got started later in the day. It was raining, so I busted out the trainer and the Indian to Girdwood video. 1 hour 50 minutes later, I was done with that. I cut my workout a bit short, and headed out for 2 mile run. 2 miles in 25 minutes. easy pace. HR was high cause by that time, I was a bit dehydrated, hungry, and tired. I kept that in the 130-150 range.

Monday: rest day. I went out for a 2 mile run with the kids. Addison is quite fast, and we lost sight of him almost right away. Sammy rode her bike with him, and Jeremiah and I ran. we did 4 sets of fartleks - starting slow, building up to a pretty fast run. i would say starting at 11 and working up to a 9 min mile. last one i sprinted for about 200 yards. For the most part, HR started in zone 1, and i got to low zone 4 by the end of each. The last one i got into zone 5 for a few seconds, but i didn't go long enough to have it in there for a very long time.

At work they are signed up for virgin health miles. I have ordered my step counter, and yesterday i put in all my recent workouts from friday until now. I get 10 points for each manually entered workout, but if i purchase the $150 polar watch, I can upload the workouts i do. Entering them manually gets me 20 points. If I got the watch, i would get 200 points on most days. I can't tell what the points are good for, so i am going to hold off on the watch, but if I find that the points are good for something more than just "e-badges" then i am going to go ahead and get the watch. Might as well....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

good days and bad.

today i swam 2000m in open water - specifically a lake. (http://luckyslakeswim.com) then i ran 10,480 meters in 1 hour 15 minutes. weird thing. 6.5 miles, and 1:15 happened all at once, like all the world was aligned or something.

then, on the way home i stopped to try to get handlebar tape for my bike, and some bib shorts for riding, and the bike shop was closed, so i went to get gas, and it was only when there was 9 gallons in the tank, and it was up over $50 that i realized that what i THOUGHT was 3.79 per gallon (which is kinda expensive) was really $5.79 per gallon. I had stopped at the "we take advantage of people who need full tanks of gas before returning their rental car" place. STUPID ME!!! I am mental after 2+ hours of working out.

so, good workout, bad trip home, good breakfast at lunch time, good COFFEE, bad experience with ATT (the link they gave me was broke, and there was no link anywhere in the site to do what i needed to do

Friday, February 24, 2012

all joking aside - well, mostly...

I like to kid, I like to joke, I like to have fun, I like to laugh. I will sometimes make fun of myself so that others will be happy, or crack a smile, or feel better about what they are doing because they see that I have a problem with something.

I cracked a couple in class today, but mostly felt content to do the exercises. We did Triggerpoint rolling, and then an ab workout. I am pretty weak in the core, so the abs workouts are necessary.

I am also kinda tired. I haven't got the handle on being able to go to bed a little earlier in order to get good sleep when the wake up time is before 5am. especially when the good shows are on at 9pm.

Can you believe there is an entry in Wikipedia for "Safeword"? Crazy, huh Snackie. (everyone else is like "WTF!")

Thursday, February 23, 2012

seizure swimming

This morning's swim workout:
100 finger tip drag
100 tennis ball in hands
100 one arm
100 one foot in the air
100 someother drill
100 some other other drill
400 easy+
4x100 descending to full speed
4x50 on the minute
4x25 on the 30
200 back c/d
2400 was the total workout. I musta blacked out somewhere in there, cause i cant do the math or remember in all those drills. all i remember is that somewhere in there i was holding a kickboard, and trying to keep one foot out of the water while the other one kicked... I wasn't really moving forward on that one, so i kept stopping cause the foot that was supposed to be kicking was down at the bottom of the pool. I finally figured it out, and think i likely looked like i was having some sort of seizure there at the end of that one. Sorry, this may not be great english, I am still recovering.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

pushing it.

60 mile bike on saturday, 9 mile run on monday, 2900 swim on tuesday, zombie tuesday night, missed alarm on wednesday morning.

I have also gained 6 lbs of something. I am back close to 250, where i was at 243 about a week ago.

I am pretty sure that i have about 5-6 lbs of water weight on me. I have not been running as regularly as I was when I was getting ready for the marathon, and this is where my weight loss happened. (zone 2 running) Second 30 of the bike was pretty balls out, and my run on Monday ended up being a BT LSD run, because i have lost some fitness there.

Solution: Today - 50 minute bike spin (that i missed this AM from being zombified) 10 w/u, then 6x5min where 4 easy, 1 hard, then 10c/d - NOT A BT WORKOUT. Also, drinking at least a gallon of water. Funny, drinking water helps with gained water weight. You just have to wear loose pants, and be ready for hourly trips to the little boys room.

Stretch goal: weight room today, weight room friday = activate internal HGH to lose a little weight, repair muscles, and be ready for 50/2 brick on saturday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

morning epic swim - tiresome

today's workout:

50x10 warm-up 10sec RI
500x2 easy+
400x2 mod
200x2 hard
200 back
total: 2900

By the way, I came REALLY close to falling asleep at work today. I actually went out and gave myself 20 minutes nap in the car as a nap.

Sleep is coming....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hoo Ha Ride Glide for my lady bits.

I initially posted this on the trifuel.com forum, and thought I would repost here.

SO, today I was completely out of chamois cream (I usually use some Chamois Butt'r) when i went to do my BreakThrough Bike ride of 60 miles. It is a breakthrough because I am training for an Ironman, and starting at 60 miles, every increase in distance is "the longest I have ever gone before."
That being said, I have issues because I am still finding the 'sweet spot' as far as saddle placement and comfort/discomfort. I have recently posted a question about bike shorts to that end, but have not purchased my new training bibs yet.
I asked a co-rider if she had any cream, and she said all she had was hoo ha ride glide - designed for women, to keep their lady bits from turning into hamburger. At this point I am pretty desperate, I try some. It tingled a bit at first, but then I proceeded to have the best ride I have had as far back as I can remember. I could feel the saddle, but the swelling, the rubbing, the pounding, was reduced to a little pressure.
If you are struggling with taint pain, or if you are a lady, who has issues with lady bits and friction, try this stuff. It may not work for you, but then again, you may have the best ride as far back as you can remember. I hope that using this product that is specially formulated for a woman does not make me lose my man card. I am going to look for other products like this, but at the end of the day, I had a good ride.

Jesus, i sound like a friggin commercial.