Wednesday, February 22, 2012

pushing it.

60 mile bike on saturday, 9 mile run on monday, 2900 swim on tuesday, zombie tuesday night, missed alarm on wednesday morning.

I have also gained 6 lbs of something. I am back close to 250, where i was at 243 about a week ago.

I am pretty sure that i have about 5-6 lbs of water weight on me. I have not been running as regularly as I was when I was getting ready for the marathon, and this is where my weight loss happened. (zone 2 running) Second 30 of the bike was pretty balls out, and my run on Monday ended up being a BT LSD run, because i have lost some fitness there.

Solution: Today - 50 minute bike spin (that i missed this AM from being zombified) 10 w/u, then 6x5min where 4 easy, 1 hard, then 10c/d - NOT A BT WORKOUT. Also, drinking at least a gallon of water. Funny, drinking water helps with gained water weight. You just have to wear loose pants, and be ready for hourly trips to the little boys room.

Stretch goal: weight room today, weight room friday = activate internal HGH to lose a little weight, repair muscles, and be ready for 50/2 brick on saturday.

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