Thursday, February 23, 2012

seizure swimming

This morning's swim workout:
100 finger tip drag
100 tennis ball in hands
100 one arm
100 one foot in the air
100 someother drill
100 some other other drill
400 easy+
4x100 descending to full speed
4x50 on the minute
4x25 on the 30
200 back c/d
2400 was the total workout. I musta blacked out somewhere in there, cause i cant do the math or remember in all those drills. all i remember is that somewhere in there i was holding a kickboard, and trying to keep one foot out of the water while the other one kicked... I wasn't really moving forward on that one, so i kept stopping cause the foot that was supposed to be kicking was down at the bottom of the pool. I finally figured it out, and think i likely looked like i was having some sort of seizure there at the end of that one. Sorry, this may not be great english, I am still recovering.

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