Saturday, February 25, 2012

good days and bad.

today i swam 2000m in open water - specifically a lake. ( then i ran 10,480 meters in 1 hour 15 minutes. weird thing. 6.5 miles, and 1:15 happened all at once, like all the world was aligned or something.

then, on the way home i stopped to try to get handlebar tape for my bike, and some bib shorts for riding, and the bike shop was closed, so i went to get gas, and it was only when there was 9 gallons in the tank, and it was up over $50 that i realized that what i THOUGHT was 3.79 per gallon (which is kinda expensive) was really $5.79 per gallon. I had stopped at the "we take advantage of people who need full tanks of gas before returning their rental car" place. STUPID ME!!! I am mental after 2+ hours of working out.

so, good workout, bad trip home, good breakfast at lunch time, good COFFEE, bad experience with ATT (the link they gave me was broke, and there was no link anywhere in the site to do what i needed to do

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