Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hoo Ha Ride Glide for my lady bits.

I initially posted this on the forum, and thought I would repost here.

SO, today I was completely out of chamois cream (I usually use some Chamois Butt'r) when i went to do my BreakThrough Bike ride of 60 miles. It is a breakthrough because I am training for an Ironman, and starting at 60 miles, every increase in distance is "the longest I have ever gone before."
That being said, I have issues because I am still finding the 'sweet spot' as far as saddle placement and comfort/discomfort. I have recently posted a question about bike shorts to that end, but have not purchased my new training bibs yet.
I asked a co-rider if she had any cream, and she said all she had was hoo ha ride glide - designed for women, to keep their lady bits from turning into hamburger. At this point I am pretty desperate, I try some. It tingled a bit at first, but then I proceeded to have the best ride I have had as far back as I can remember. I could feel the saddle, but the swelling, the rubbing, the pounding, was reduced to a little pressure.
If you are struggling with taint pain, or if you are a lady, who has issues with lady bits and friction, try this stuff. It may not work for you, but then again, you may have the best ride as far back as you can remember. I hope that using this product that is specially formulated for a woman does not make me lose my man card. I am going to look for other products like this, but at the end of the day, I had a good ride.

Jesus, i sound like a friggin commercial.

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