Thursday, February 4, 2010

good week so far!

Ok, so it is Thursday now and after my rest day on Tuesday to allow my body to move again, I picked it back up on Wednesday by going to the gym. 1+ mile running warm-up, free-weights for upper body. My arms were just getting to the point where I could make them straight again on my own. Time to punish them again. I spent the day yesterday stretching them back out to straight. I am close to good today with the whole 'haven't done curls since...1992?...' thing. Then after weights, I swam in the pool. (I almost wrote 'jumped in the pool' but that would have given you the idea that some chunky pale man in tri shorts was over in the corner of the pool jumping up and down. Gross!) Anyway, 2x 1000 with a 100 warm-up and cool-down. The pool was warm, which was weird. I zoned, but I found myself focusing on the catch, and that is a good focus. I experimented with my fingers being open and with them being closed. I envisioned grabbing a ball that was too big for me to palm, and using my hand and arm to push it down below my waist. I understand the reason now for the little 'S' in the stroke, and why it is not really an 'S' but it is because your body turns at the same time. Friday is pool day again, and Saturday I swim with the Y-Not-Tri team, so we can see whether I am wicked fast or not now. (Just so you know, I don't expect to all of a sudden be Michael Phelps, that dude is tall!)
Today was a bike day. Two of us showed, so we alternated the pull. This was cool. average speed was 19+, probably more for the ride itself since warm-up was counted in that. My legs are burnt again. It feels good - not like being burnt from running where I walk like a 100 year old man, but like someone is using my legs as junction for the power lines. Just a background humming that I imagine is causing abnormalities in your sperm. Good thing we broke them kids out of storage before I took up this sport.

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