Friday, May 29, 2009

Sumthin smells funny.

You know the water here smells funny? I thought this initially when I was staying in hotels when we first decided to move to this area for my job and we were looking for a place to live. At the hampton inns it kinda smells like they cooked it over a flame, but it still does not leave me feeling as clean as I once felt when showering elsewhere. Then when we moved in, the water kinda smells like reclaimed water. Not a lot, just a little. It smells like that all over though, not just at my house. Just a hint of "there used to be poo in this water, but now it is....clean?". Like if the reclaimed water that they use on the grass here was the perfume, the house water would be the body wash. Not a huge problem, just wanted to mention it.
On that same topic, there was some "Why are triathletes getting sick?" articles just recently, and one of the reasons is because of the increased levels of e-coli in the water after heavy rains. I guess the huge amount of water fills up the drainfields and septic systems, then runs off into the drainage ditches and eventually into the waterways. I imagine that industrial fertilizers, and even regular lawn fertilizers would also run into waterways during these periods of increased precipitation. That being said, we have had record amounts of rainfall in the area, and I just swam in a lake which was surrounded by houses. . If you are interested in this topic and are in a position of power, like a county planner or administrator, what the hell are you doing reading my blog? and get involved.
More later.

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Kate said...

There are days our water smells completely normal, and then some days it doesn't. Guess that's why when we moved in we had all those solicitations for water purification/treatment companies.