Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

So, I need some money. Probably a lot like everyone else in this world. Here is my list of wants right now and then I can go from there. First, I would like to purchase a house in the next 6 months. I think it is a good way to make my family happy. They need a house that fits us, perferably one where two of the bedrooms (one of which is the master bedroom) does not have a door to the main living area. If someone is sitting on the couch watching the bigger TV, or is sitting at our dining table eating or doing homework, they are right outside of my bedroom window. That coupled with the fact that all rooms down the center of the house are open to the rest of the rooms so you can hear a pin drop throughout the house (or in our case, the kid's gaming TV, the noise from the computers, and/or the microwave in the kitchen or the dishwasher). Someone wasn't thinking when they put this thing together. So, I would very much like to move into a different house in the next 6-9 months. I need money for that.
Why, you ask? Because I still own my house in Milton, I reply. And rumor has it that banks are not willing to lend money to someone who has a house (even if it is being rented) without a larger than I can afford down payment. I would estimate this as 20% of the cost of the new house, so let's put this at a liberal $60,000. I don't have any, so it really doesn't matter.
Reason #2 My hobby is an expensive sport. It is not fishing, which would put me in at $bookoo for a boat, and weekly/monthly gas and fishing supplies. It is also not collecting things which take up space on a shelf.. It is training for a triathlon. Soon, it will be racing triathlons, but I think I should probably be better at it before I can tout that my hobby is "Triathlons" or "Adventure Racing" or somesuch verbage. Right now it is training. Speaking of which, I have a 1.5 hour bike and 30 minute run to do here as soon as I am done with work. I keep seeing things I really would rather have, like a new bike built for Triathlons and time trials, a new bike trainer that is very quiet, tri shoes, blah blah blah, it adds up. Add to that the race fees and potential travel expenses, and I am up there in cost.
Third Reason: Team In Training. Part of the reason I initially got into triathlon training is because of this program. I am doing a second season and would very much like to race in the Nation's Triathlon in September. In order to do this, I need to fundraise $4200 in the next couple months. I did not do so well on the last fundraiser, and so my confidence is a little low that I can make this one. Recommitment is in July, and I need to be more than half way or have some guaranteed money on deck to make this happen.
Fourth Reason: Family stuff. I can not neglect the family stuff I still need to get. Examples; I would like to switch to YMCA from LAFitness so that J, A, and S can sign up for the programs in the Y. Problem is the sign-up fee, and the additional fees for the programs. It seems outlandish that the YMCA, the place where everyone can go, charges close to $100 for a monthly family membership, $100 to $150 in initialization fees, and then an additional $50 per month PER PROGRAM for the kids to do during the summer. That is $300 minimum to start, and $100 fee+$150 in programs if all three of them sign up for one thing. HOLY CRAP! Then there is the books that everyone wants to read, the allowances, fixing broken stuff, getting better stuff, paying people to come in and do the things I don't want to do like cleaning carpets, etc. Just all costs money.

Solution: Here is where I need some help from you. I am planning to blog for a while, going to put on adsense, Barnes and Noble associate links, etc. I am also going to start writing a book/books. If you have ideas for a fundraiser that I can do, and/or for easy ways to add onto a blog that could earn a little extra cash, or if you see a business opportunity I can capitalize on, please let me know.

So, this has been a pretty pathetic blog entry so far. No juicy bits at all.

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