Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey, there is a hair.

From now on, I think i should just trust that there WILL be a hair in my food when ever I eat food not prepared at home. Today there was a fine, long, curly, blond one in my nachos bell grande from Taco Bell. I wonder how these people are losing their hair so much. I also wonder how sanitary it is to continue to eat my food once i find and remove the aforementioned hair. Based on my previous assumption, there are many hairs that have gone down the hatch. So far, there has been no serious side effects. Sometimes when the dog eats a hair, they get little poo dangles where the hair holds the turd about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from their bum and it dangles there like some type of Super-Dingleberry. As far as I know this has never happened to me, and if it has, nobody has bothered to mention it.

On to the good stuff, it seems like my habit/hobby is getting more expensive, and I need to make some money to support it. It is not as expensive as some hobbies/habits, but it is getting pretty up there. My current fixation is that I would really like to purchase a new tri-bike. I am not looking for the top-end $10,000 job.. I want to be able to ride it, and if I bought a new bike for that much I would be scared to touch it. I would have to hang it on the wall with some do not cross lines like they have a museum and treat it like fine art. I would call it "Depreciation appreciation" or something like that. But no, I just want your standard carbon-fiber (not the great stuff, but just the good stuff) and a moderate component set that would get me by and make me blend into the crowd. This is me on my current bike "Big Red" (it was big red til it got horns, now it is "RedBull"). It is a 2-3 year old GIANT and it works ok. I got it for $350 off of Craigslist last fall so that I would not have to ride my Trek 820 Mountain bike for the races. I think RedBull is going to have to last a little longer, since I need income to pay for my fix. I have a couple things going right now, and you will likely see them pretty soon. I am going to set up Google Adsense, and join some affiliate programs like Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, and such to get some passive income coming through, and the other thing that I am tossing around is Advocare. I currently am an independent distributor for Advocare, and am thinking about pursuing this a little to see if a slight expansion will pay for my races, travel, and a new bike.
This sport is not a cheap one, between the outfits ($50 for a pair of shorts!) Bike, Running shoes, Biking shoes, goggles, etc. Add in nutrition for before, during and after workouts, gas for drive time to the workouts, bike trainer for when it is raining and your workout is inside, plus fees for a coach if you have one, or time/cost if you are doing a program like Team In Training. Add to that a HR monitor - cause once you get beyond the beginner training you are going to need to make sure it keeps beating, and does not explode.
My HR monitor will beep if my heart gets too slow, and also when i am close to exploding. Intially I had it set to no beeping mode, and I thought that the rates were the actual rates not the % of max. Long story short, I got to the end of the workout and it said my max HR during that exercise was 204. I think that was when I sprinted to catch up to the peleton, but still, according to all the charts, I should have probably spontaneously combusted on the spot. There should be a grease spot somewhere near the Jet-Blue terminal in Orlando with my name on it.
I am not complaining about how expensive the sport is, just letting you know what the real deal is. I have pontificated enough for now, time to go back to work.

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Kate said...

So far my max has been 201, but then I haven't used mine while running yet... we will improve!