Thursday, January 13, 2011

up! and down, and up again!

I started typing a book in my own stinking comments, so i thought i would repost here.

  I ran what I thought was 6 (it was really 5.24 according to mapmyrun) on tuesday, and another 5.24 today.  I am going to try to finish the week over 20 miles running.  I think this would be a record for me, even when i was training for the two half iron man (men? halfs?) that i have done previously.  I have to plan that last run, cause it would really suck to get done and then figure out i was .46 miles short of my 20.  I would be running around the house.  People would think i was nuts.
I dont know if you knew this, (i posted on mamarunsbarefoot's blog), but i am gluten free.  Been so for a couple months.  Others in my family are also not eating wheat based products, and between the three of us who are not eating wheat, here are some results:
I just feel better.  I can't explain it exactly, healthier?  I know i tried to eat wheat a couple times since I stopped and had some major GI diestress.  Lower, ickey, nuff said.
I found i am also lactose intolerant.  Bowl of ice cream was like punches from Rocky (the old one, not the young Rocky) then the gas. Whooo!
Others in my family have had issues with acne, constipation (turds the size of a friggin football, i swear!), and depression, all of which are drastically improved with the removal of wheat and gluten.

It is easy to cook, and easy to eat gluten free.  There is special bread if you really have to have it, and you can find anything you need to as a replacement to things if you find you just can't live without it.  It is a little more spendy, and hard to find, but you know what?  if it makes you feel better, i am all for it.

so, 20+ miles this week, strength training, 40+ miles on the bike on saturday in the hills of clermont, and I think i am on my way to a successfull HIM in april (14 weeks, according to the countdown timer).

Thanks for the positive words of encouragement!

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Young lady I did IMFL 09 with and fellow blogger is gluten free. I may have to try it just to see what it is like...