Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i am thinking of getting the blue bikila VFFs for running.  I think my wife thinks this is weird.


Angie Bee said...

I like my VFF but they don't keep my toes warm in the cold months.
I am testing out some Evo IIs now and like them very much. I also like the Merrell Pace/Trail Gloves.

I must say that I love the look of VFF. They look like Tim Burton designed them :)


Me too... weird that is. I have heel issues and wear orthotics so I dont think they will work for me. I think they are for skinny assed guys..

Ryan said...

OneHour - I am not a skinny guy, any way you look at it. I don't wear orthotics, and I am not a dr., but it seems to me like when i run barefoot, or in shoes as if i was barefoot, that I dont touch my heels at all. Did i mention i am not a Dr?

Angie Bee - I struggle with the want of VFFs because i want to run barefoot like, and the extra attention they would cause - cause i know i would want to wear them to the office.