Tuesday, January 4, 2011

bad run

I guess if i am allowed to have a great run, i can also have a bad one.  My stomach was a little queasy even before I left.  Plans were to do 45 minutes, but I changed that to 30 minutes right out of the gate.  Started running and my mp3 player ran out of juice.  Rather than run around with it flopping on my head, i really quick put it back in the house and started again.
My feet feel like lead, and my legs are rusty slinkies.  not wonderful toys.  not fun for anyone, especially me.  My mouth is parched, and has a bad taste, even though i brushed my teeth and have been drinking water.
at 1 mile in i walk for the first time.  at 1.5 miles i walk a little more.  at 2.5 miles i walk because i feel like my tired muscles are just not liking this.  THey feel a little like they did just before i was injured.  I walk the rest of the way because i do not want to take 6weeks off for a torn soleus AGAIN.  Maybe i will feel better tomorrow.
Why do i feel this way?  could be the hard ride i did on friday, followed by the really slow ride on sunday.  i may not be recuperated.  It could be the stupid dog waking me up last night to go out 3 times.  The third time we went downstairs, i filled her water, then she started drinking.  I thought i should sit down a minute while she drank, then i fell asleep.  I awoke to pitter patter of feet upstairs.  I found out this morning she relieved herself before escaping to the bedroom.  Stupid dog.
Could be stress from work, or that I hadn't had anything to eat since 7:30.  I am not sure, but the run sucked.  I hope to get all these out of the way before IMNO 70.3.



Hey, I know what can cheer you up...
Watch Biggest Loser tonight. That always makes me feel better (while eating some potato chips, I might add)

Ryan said...

thanks onehour. I have decided tomorrow is a do-over. I am going to run it again, and hopefully it feels good.

Anonymous said...

Each day is new, try again!! I've learned to shouldn't feel bad when runs don't go they way I had planned. BTW I'll be doing half Iron Man in Boulder!

Ryan said...

thanks mama. I ran what I thought was 6 (it was really 5.24 according to mapmyrun) on tuesday, and another 5.24 today. I am going to try to finish the week over 20 miles running. I think this would be a record for me, even when i was training for the two half iron man (men? halfs?) that i have done previously. I have to plan that last run, cause it would really suck to get done and then figure out i was .46 miles short of my 20. I would be running around the house. People would think i was nuts. I better stop typing or this will have to turn into a post. I think i am going to copy paste as a post. this is good stuff.