Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yesterday's bike was good. Really good.

6 mile warm-up riding to the Y
2 mile time trial (HR up to 167 which was as high as I could get it.)
3x9mile ride. 18-20 avg for first 9, 15-18 avg second (got a chance to chat with a guy named eric) and 18-22 for the third 9
6 mile cool down ride home.
total: 41 miles.

Today was supposed to be a run day, but i am taking a day off. I feel like the soreness and tired legs would get me into trouble, and I have a big workout week planned for this next week, so I am taking today off from a workout.

Went to see Avatar last night with the family. The images of flying are a little what I am trying to get to when i am on my bike. I strive for the glide, piercing the wind like an arrow. I get that feeling some when I am riding at 30+mph. That doesn't happen much, but it will. I had it on Thursdays ride in the wind, and yesterday for a few minutes in the time trial.
On a positive note, my ass doesn't hurt near as much today as it did last sunday, and the mileage is similar. I figure in a few more weeks, I will be able to do 50 pretty easily and then I can start getting my legs to push me faster, and also will be able to start doing a long run the day after.

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