Monday, January 2, 2012

IM Florida

Coach wants me to start this back up again.  I have signed up for IM Florida, and this is sure to be an exciting year of IM Zone 2 training.

I have been working on my running, and have signed up for the "Goofy Challenge" this coming weekend, which consists of a half marathon Saturday, and a full marathon on Sunday.  I so far have only run 13 miles at one time, ever.  The race has forced me to focus on running, but I have only just in the past 10 days have gotten the discipline to run every day.  Prior to that, my 13 mile runs would put me in recovery mode for at least a week, and any run would force a recovery day, so 3 weeks ago was my first week of over 20 miles running volume.  That being said, this week I have finally gotten to the point where I can run consistently in Zone 2 without walking to bring my heart rate down.  This could be because I am getting it, or could be because I am overtrained and about to hit a wall.  I guess either way, I am going to hit a wall this weekend.

Part of the new year brings my IM training into focus.  Consistency is required.  I plan to attend as many group sessions as possible, and to volume up!  I hope to keep the running that I have built up, and over the next 3-5 months to bring the bike up to par.

Typed too much. Got to save some for next post.

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That's just goofy running close to 40 in two days