Sunday, August 8, 2010

I don't know japanese.

Whoever keeps posting comments on my old blog posts in Japanese which links back to porn or hacking sites is persistant.  I would ask them to stop, but I don't think they are reading my blog - mostly because I have been on break.

It was only a break.  Sheesh.

I am picking up the training again.  Since I posted last a few things have happened.  1. I strained my calf during a long run - which turned it into a short run.  I was running along and then POP!  It felt like someone snapped me in the calf with a rubber band.  I was 2 miles into a 6+ mile run, and so I limped 2 more miles and decided to cut the day short.  Later on I would Ice it, then notice bruising.  I decided to take a week off.  After the week it was not better, so i took another week off.  Then I found I could run to the Y to a spin class, and that was OK, but 1/2 way home it would start to hurt again.  Riding was ok, but running is a no-no.
I rode 45 miles yesterday, not too hard, but when I tried to do the 6 mile run portion of the BR-ick...well, let's just say the ick started early.  I began feeling strain in my calf, and then abnormal strain on my right quad - which means I was running lopsided without knowing it.  I walked back.  I am going to start this week to build my running up to snuff for my October race.  I will start with small runs, followed closely by some wicked foam rolling to get the muscles back.  I have lost a lot of my bike, and all of my run in the last 6 weeks, so this should be a heavy build up for Oct. 31 Miami HIM. 
Another issue that I have discovered in the last 6 weeks is that there is a really good chance that I am gluten intollerant.  This means flour makes me feel yucky.  REALLY yucky.  I didn't know that until i stopped eating wheat based products.  I started to feel a little better. My stomach is more sensitive to different foods now.  Then I ate some fries at a shop which had some sort of batter on them.  It was wheat, and boy did I know it.UGH!.  So, I am going to keep on with the no-wheat thing for a while, see how I feel, and see if it makes any difference.   Common thoughts on the subject is that for a gluten intollerant person, eating wheat based products causes mood swings and depression, bloating, GI issues, and the inability to properly digest food, so they feel hungry because they are missing nutrients.  They tend to be overweight, and not able to lose the weight.  This is me in an nutshell, so I am giving it a go.  My family is behind me (which is ok now that I am not having such bad GI issues.). 

I will post more later, since Tri season at the Y starts tomorrow, and I have a ton of people bugging me to start P90X.  Later.



"pop" and calves (or any body parts) doesn't sound good. May be time for a stop to the doc.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Good luck on the wheat-free diet! I'm not gluten intolerant, but when I stop eating bread and other processed wheat products, I definitely feel better and the weight comes off quick!