Monday, June 7, 2010

Where the heck is my fitness?

Ran 4 miles this morning.  I ran 6 miles 2 weeks ago and beat my feet up really bad,  - bruising and pain, no reason why.  Shoes were 6 weeks old and had been through a race, I should have been recovered.  I figured they maybe were too tight.  I could not figure anything else out.  Then last week I ran 4 miles and just felt like dog shit.  First mile was bouncy, second mile was uncomfortable, then 3 and 4 were both just like in the race - walking with little runs inbetween.  I chalked that one up to the fact that it was 90+ degrees.
Today I ran the whole thing, and only walked on the mile markers to get a swig of water.  I finished the 4 miles, but they were not the most comfortable 4 miles ever.  I wonder where my fitness has gone.  I was doing 10 mile runs without stopping before the race.  Now it has been a month, and I should be healed and raring to go!
Bike rides have been better, so maybe tomorrow's ride will be good.
On a positive note, I was up at 5 and running at 6 today!  The move to consistent morning workouts has begun!



Tough to get going in this heat. My favorite is the bath tub of water (sweat) that always seems to appear in my shoes about 3 miles out on a run. Nothing like water logged feet after 30 minutes.

NursAdrn said...

Hang in there. Consistency is the key, and you are on it!

Tri Mommy said...

I think it's the heat, Big Guy! I ran my 4 miler on Friday and my lungs felt good my legs felt pretty good but I was drenched and dreaming of water by the end, and I rarely need water during a 4 miler!

Ryan said...

Big Guy?